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Sell Mineral Rights Wetzel County WV

Minerals123.com... We are the answer for those who wish to sell Wetzel County mineral rights. Wetzel County is in northern West Virgnia, just south of Marshall County, WV. (The name "Wetzel" is unusual; it came from Lewis Wetzel, an early settler.) Our company is an active mineral rights buyer in Wetzel County and other parts of West Virginia -- Ritchie County, Doddridge County, Tyler County, Marion County, Monongalia County, Harrison County etc., as well as in many oil and gas areas of the USA, such as your neighbor -- Pennsylvania (Greene County, Washington County, Susquehanna County, Bradford County and others).

We offer top prices for your mineral rights value within this part of the Marcellus Shale play (and Utica Shale). Anyone wishing to sell mineral rights within this part of West Virginia (or Pennsylvania) should contact us for an assessment.

You can sell mineral rights or sell royalties to us. We usually do not care if your mineral interests are producing royalty checks or not.

The primary production in Wetzel County is natural gas, so, if your deed says "gas rights," you can sell gas rights. A lot of drilling has occurred over the past several years and we are seeing an increase from those wishing to sell Wetzel County mineral rights.

Selling Oil Rights - Selling Gas Rights Wetzel County

The term "oil and gas mineral rights" means oil rights and gas rights. Those who own mineral rights also own royalty rights, which means you can draw royalties on oil wells or gas wells. In some states, royalties are called a non-participating royalty interest -- "NPRI." You can sell mineral rights to us near the following Wetzel County, WV cities, towns and communities:

Wetzel County, West Virginia

This West Virginia county is a rural area of 361 square miles. The population is about 16,000 people. We are interested in serving as your mineral buyer for Wetzel County mineral rights but also in adjoining counties and in Pennsylvania and even in other states. If you wish to sell WV mineral rights, please contact us. If you have received an offer to sell mineral rights in Wetzel county, contact us for your counter offer. We pay aggressively and usually have the best counter offer. With over 37 years at it, we know how to complete a mineral rights sale efficiently and quickly.

Forestry and the oil and gas industry are the primary employers in Wetzel County, WV. The oil and gas production is mostly natural gas and many oil and gas companies are active. You can sell mineral rights or sell Wetzel County royalties to us from producing wells by:

There are also some other operators in Wetzel County. They have had varying success rates from their drilling activities. Some of the gas wells they have drilled have been good producers but, as with any gas field, results vary. Sometimes wells deplete more rapidly than anticipated. Here is to hoping your gas wells have held up well! And by the way, even if your royalty check has dribbled down to a small amount, you can sell royalties to us.

The neighboring counties are as follows. In West Virginia, it's Marshall County, Marion County, Monongalia County, Harrison County, Doddridge County and Tyler County. To the north is also Greene County, PA. We are a mineral rights buyer in those counties, too. We need to buy more mineral rights in Washington County, PA and Greene County, PA, as well. (And in Northeast PA, Susquehanna County, Bradford County and others.) It's all about spreading risk for us. We like to continually purchase from those selling mineral rights. There are two reasons for this.

First is to spread risk; the oil biz is fickle and sometimes, drilling does not turn out good. Second, we have to constantly buy mineral rights to add to our portfolio because gas wells are in perpetual decline... it's just the way it is... from Day One, a gas well is declining in pressure and production. If crude oil and natural gas prices stay constant, your royalty check will continually go down. There is nothing anyone can do about that!

Why Sell Mineral Rights?

Mineral owners ask this question a lot. People have a lot reasons for selling mineral rights... they tire of dealing with paperwork, they want cash to buy something, they want to give a boost to their retirement or perhaps they are just wanting to lessen their risk, as oil and gas drilling is a very risky business. Sometimes, wells do not perform well. And "cash is king" is always the preferred strategy for some people.

For another look at "Why sell mineral rights," visit here -- sell mineral rights.

In summary, we have set forth that we are an active mineral rights buyer and that you can sell Wetzel County mineral rights to us... as well as in Tyler County, Doddridge County, Ritchie County, Harrison County, and other counties in northern West Virginia and Southwest PA -- Greene County and Washington County. (You can also sell mineral rights to us from Susquehanna County, PA, Bradford County, PA and other Pennsylvania counties.) All you have to do is provide info about your interests and we will go to work doing the assessment of your mineral rights value. Bear in mind that the value of mineral rights is dependent on many variables but we work very fast and close fast. Please inquire about selling mineral rights today. Let's talk about monetizing your properties in Wetzel County!


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