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sell mineral rights

Sell Mineral Rights

Minerals123.com... for your question: Who buys mineral rights? We are the premier mineral buyer to help those selling mineral rights in San Augustine county, TX, part of East Texas. (And in many oil and gas regions of the USA.) Regarding San Augustine county, we help people sell mineral rights within this part of the Haynesville shale play region, which lies in Texas and Louisiana. The county seat is the town of San Augustine, Texas, population 2,108.

You can sell mineral rights and sell royalties to us. It often does not matter to us whether your San Augustine county, Texas mineral interests are producing or non-producing (royalties). Please contact us to inquire about selling mineral rights wherever your minerals are.

We would also like to speak with you if you wish to sell oil rights in Shelby County, Angelina County, Sabine County, Jasper County and Nacogdoches County. (Or sell gas rights.) There are many oil wells and gas wells, and quite a large number have been drilled during the past few years.

Sell Royalties - Sell Oil Rights - Sell Gas Rights

Oil and gas royalty rights are somewhat synonymous to mineral rights. Specifically, a royalty is simply the right to receive production royalties. In Texas, it is often called a non-participating royalty interest or "NPRI" for short. If you own royalty rights (NPRI) in San Augustine County, Texas, we are a company which buys royalties near the following cities:

There aren't many towns, it's a rural area of 593 square miles. There are only 8,865 people in the entire county. Roughly, we are primarily interested in the northern half of the county. This means north of Hwy 103. (This can change over time and we may buy in any part of the county.)

Of course, we will help you sell mineral rights to any producing mineral interests you own in any part. So, if your desire is to sell royalty rights in San Augustine County, TX non-producing or producing royalties, we can help.

Maybe you got an offer to sell mineral rights in San Augustine county. If so, we almost always beat any offer you have because we pay top dollar.

As far as neighbors go, to the north is Shelby County; to the east is Sabine County; lying south is Jasper County; Angelina County is southwest and Nacogdoches County lies west. A protected area is the Angelina National Forest and also the Sabine National Forest.

The primary industries in the county are timber and the oil and gas business.

There are many oil companies active in the area: XTO Energy, EOG Resources, Goodrich Petroleum, Encana, Exco Operating, SM Energy, Crimson Exploration, Cabot Oil & Gas, SND Operating, BP America, Devon Energy and SWN Production.

Should I Sell My Mineral Rights?

This is a common question. Mineral owners have many reasons for selling minerals. It could be that they need or want cash to buy something or for retirement or paying a debt. Some people want the sure thing -- cash. There is a lot of risk involved in oil and gas operations and drilling results vary. Another common reason why someone would consider selling oil rights or selling gas rights is due to the paperwork involved in owning them.

You may have asked yourself "Who buys mineral rights" and then wondered why we want to buy your minerals or anyone's for that matter. We buy minerals because we are in the business of managing them. We have large holdings across thousands of acres, and in many states. This allows us to spread risk, because the oil business is one of the riskiest industries on earth. We make it work because we make a lot of purchases and have mineral interests in many oil wells and gas wells. So, when any given purchase does not turn out to be profitable, it won't break us, because we have lots of others. An individual mineral owner does not that luxury. If the well produces less than hoped for, the mineral owner can be left with nothing.

For an in-depth answer to "Should I sell my mineral rights," visit this selling mineral rights site.

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     1. Contact us and provide info about your mineral rights / royalty rights.

     2. We will calculate your lump sum cash settlement. If you wish to sell...

     3. We prepare and pay for all closing documents. Sign and get paid!

So, it's easy!

Another source for info to sell mineral rights is our Home page and also you can find help to sell oil rights. (And sell gas rights.) We can help you in selling mineral rights even if you are not held by an oil and gas lease. Please inquire, ask for "Bill."

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