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Minerals123.com buys mineral rights and royalty rights in oil and gas producing areas of the United States. If you would like to sell some of the risk, we might take it on. If you prefer a "bird in the hand" and are interested in selling all of your mineral rights or producing royalties or even 3/4 or 1/2 of what you own, contact our land department with details and property location.

Why Sell Mineral Rights?

Why would anyone consider selling mineral rights?

Of course, if you elect to retain your mineral rights, you could end up receiving more money over the long run than what a sale would deliver. Yet, it can also go the other way. And even after achieving production, here are some things that can go wrong with an oil well or gas well.

More info -- why sell mineral rights.

Haynesville Shale, North Louisiana & East Texas

We may be interested in lands anywhere in the USA but currently we are active buying mineral rights in the Haynesville shale play of north / northwest Louisiana and East Texas. In Louisiana, especially the following parishes:

This does not pertain to the Haynesville shale play but we also would like to speak with you if you are interested in selling Lincoln Parish mineral rights in Louisiana.

In east Texas, especially the following counties.

Here is a dedicated page for: selling mineral rights in Nacogdoches county Texas. Hopefully, we'll get to other counties soon.

If one wishes to sell San Augustine County mineral rights, here is the main page for selling mineral rights in San Augustine County Texas.

Also, for anyone interested in selling Wyoming mineral rights, see sell Wyoming mineral rights.

Eagle Ford Shale, South Texas

Other than the Haynesville shale, we also seek to buy Eagle Ford shale mineral rights in South Texas. Or, visit sell mineral rights. If you wish to sell mineral rights in Karnes county, Texas, here is a dedicated page -- please visit sell mineral rights in Karnes county Texas. And here is another comprehensive article about how to sell mineral rights.

In any mineral owners want to sell Wetzel County mineral rights (West Virginia), here is a page for selling mineral rights in Wetzel County WV.

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Haynesville shale play and Eagle Ford shale play: Oil and gas leasing
(Haynesville shale / Eagle Ford shale Oil and gas leasing / sell mineral rights)